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Practice Policy

  •  On the first visit, all clients must fill out “Intake Form and Consent Form” prior to receive their Massage.

          The INTAKE FORM will help your Massage Therapist understand any past injury or medical condition that               could be a concern during your massage session.
          In order for the Therapist to work in a safe environment, it is important to know your "Medical History".
          If anything about “Medical History” changes, is extremely important to keep the Massage Therapist updated             so that your therapist can address your concerns and needs with better approach and better improvements             without any risks.
          The CONSENT FORM will give the therapist ability to work with you, with your own consent.
          Without this form filled, the therapist will be not be able to work with you.


  •    It is of extreme importance that clients understand that they are very much part of MASSAGE         session process. This way your practitioner will be able to cover all your needs and concerns.

          Clients are 100% in charge of talk if they need or feels like as well. 

          Make your "Massage Therapist", your "Professional Friend".


  •    ​Clients inappropriate conducts are not acceptable. Session will be terminated immediately and fully      charged without any chances of being re-booked in the future.

  •  "Cash Payment" must be clarified prior to start your Massage session (Cash payments will be only accepted      if booked with card to hold the appointment).

        Debit or Credit cards will be used to book your appointment online or over the phone, and only will     be fully withdrawn after the massage session is completed.



  •  Personal checks are not acceptable.



  •  Gift Cards available.



  • Insurance is not accepted at the moment.



  •  Clients are 100% able to schedule appointments through this website, and 100% able to            cancel through the website as well, prior 24 hour to cancellation notice (by text/e-mail or call).     

          As penalty, no show will a 100% charge and  same day cancellation/rescheduling, will be 50%      charge. Prior to any weather difficulties, all appointments will be canceled and rescheduled.



  • I probably will not be able to answer the phone at times, but I will check all voice mails, e-mail or text     messages  to assist you at the end of every shift.


  •   Booked appointments will be confirmed by text message and/or e-mail 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.



  •  Each Massage session are between 60 to 90 minutes – depends on what you booked for.

         If you are late for your appointment, you will have your remaining time.


My commitments are to do the best in my scope of practice and provide my clients with the best massage there is to offer .

     I will give to all my clients the highest standard/customized Massage with professional ethics, skills         and knowledge, followed by results and satisfaction.

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